Elements of Magic

This class is considered the first of the Reclaiming tradition core classes. It is required in order to be included in Dragon’s Cauldron gatherings.

earth-air-fire-water-spirit-wheelPrerequisite: Read the first seven chapters of The Spiral Dance (or all of the “Elements Path” in The Twelve Wild Swans), both by Starhawk.

Description: It’s elemental.  With the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. In this class we develop the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit in the tradition of Starhawk and the Reclaiming Collective.

Witchcraft is a growing tradition in our culture today.  It is a call from and to the ancient Goddess and Her immanence.  It is a call to know ourselves in all of our parts, so that we can create the magic that transforms all worlds.  These worlds — full of desire, beauty, love and grace — do surround us, but the cultures of domination and control keep them invisible.

Students will learn and refine techniques such as creating magical space, spellcraft, chanting, trance, energy work, and structuring rituals in an experiential format.  The concept of the triple self and its importance in magic will be introduced.  Once aligned, we will open all of our selves to the beauty and love around us, creating rituals and practices that heal and bless.

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