Pagan Pride 2010

Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Days 2010 was the largest festival to date with 1,900 attendees donating enough food and cash to the Food Bank of Eastern and Central NC to provide 3,863 meals, that’s 4,373 pounds worth of food!  In addition, twenty-five people gave twenty units of blood to Rex Blood Services on Saturday.

The event was featured in the News & Observer in both photos and words.

The event’s organizers have also posted a slide show.

Dragon’s Cauldron was proud to participate in this year’s event and we trust we met some of you at our usual information table.  Bright blessings to one and all for sharing your magic on a splendid fall weekend!


Pagan Pride 2009

In 2009, Central NC Pagan Pride grew to a 2-day event. It had 1,800 attendees, raised $550 for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, and received 2,092 pounds of non-perishable food for the Food Bank — that’s 4,099 meals!

Dragon’s Cauldron was pleased to again sponsor the event and to be at our usual table.  Each year we have a rotating group of volunteers who are ready to meet with the public and answer questions about our group and the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft.

For photos, see the event’s archive.

Pagan Pride 2008

We extend our gratitude to John Otter, Photo Witch extraordinaire.

Dragon’s Cauldron was pleased to participate in the 2008 Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day.  In addition to being sponsors, we were honored to lead the Opening Ritual, create a Rites of Passage altar and to offer two workshops, Labyrinth Building and Reclaiming Witchcraft 101.

We opened the day’s festivities, with the song, “I Am.”

Our intention was that: “We acknowledge the gifts of the Elemental Guardians and Divine Allies who support us as we proudly celebrate the unified spirit of our many paths.”

Our Rites of Passage Altar celebrated the story of Vasilisa and the Baba Yaga.

Once again this year, Wren teaches and guides the building of the labyrinth, creating sacred space for all festival attendees to share throughout the day.  (For pictures from the 2007 offering, click here.)

Meanwhile, over at the Dragon’s Cauldron Table . . .

. . . then, a quiet moment . . .

. . . before the next wave of Witches stops by!

The music was delightful this year, thankfully, since it was just across the road from us.

Blessed with perfect weather and peaceful energy, everywhere you looked there was magic!

The good magic continues to flow forward:

There were over 1100 attendees, shattering last year’s record.

And we raised 1,245 POUNDS OF FOOD! That’s enough food for 1,048 MEALS!

Plus there were double the expected number of pints of blood donated for the Rex Hospital Blood bank.

Pagan Pride 2007

The Dragon’s Cauldron was pleased to sponsor and participate in NC Central’s 2007 Pagan Pride Day.  This year one of our members, Wren, led a workshop in building and using a labyrinth as a sacred form.  The labyrinth we built was then used continuously throughout the day by Pagan Pride participants . . . a rousing success!

Many thanks go to our own Photo Witch, John Otter, for capturing the process.

Wren explains the site to Birch.

Laying out the center portion.

Connecting the dots.

Almost there!

Many hands make quick work.

Walking the ancient pattern.

It was a very magical day!  And lots of good magic came of it: There were over 900 attendees, and we raised 774 lbs. of food for the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina.

For more photos of this splendid day, you can visit Johnson Davis’ photo slide show.

Pagan Pride 2006

On September 16, we led the opening ritual for the 2006 Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day celebrations in Raleigh. With song and chanting, we called to the participants to co-create with us an open but sacred space for people to come and go as they needed to. We welcomed the Guardians of the Directions with sound and movement and then taught and led a Spiral Dance.

In 2006, Dragon’s Cauldron was also pleased to a be an Event Sponsor.

An estimated 600 people attended over the course of the day, with 857 pounds of non-perishable food collected for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

For photos of the event, check out the Central NC PPD myspace page.