Kira’s Art Featured in the News & Observer

Sultans of Kabul – Afghan Lorry was created by our member, Kira,  for the “Kite and Veil” art show that was a part of the Chatham County Public Read.  Their book of the year was Khahled Hossein’s deeply moving, The Kite Runner.  It was also a recent selection in The Dragon’s Cauldron book club.

The piece was featured in the News & Observer on Saturday, March 12, 2005 in the Home and Garden section.

From the Chatham website:

“Kira Dirlik has created a wonderful ceramic hand-painted truck detailed as the Afghani’s paint their trucks.  She was inspired by the images of a scene in the book where Amir’s family were smuggled in an oil tanker and recalled a book she had seen twenty-five years earlier of ‘Afghan Trucks’ by Jean-Charles Blanc.  The detail in this piece is remarkable and is of course a “pot.’  She created a ‘thrown carpet on the top as a nesting spot for a couple of hens’ which serves as a lid to the pot.