Order of Service, 2013 Imbolc Ritual

The Intention:

To call on Brigid to guide us to our sacred site (sight).  This will move us beyond our personal place of power to a collective one that is in line with our intention at Yule and that will strengthen and energize our magical workings. 

The Plan:

We will gather at 6 pm on Saturday, February 2nd. As we arrive, we will place any tools or other items we want to consecrate on the altar.

We will have a check-in.  After that we will do some brief discussion/teaching about group trance, for anyone that is new to that technique.

We will create sacred space — purifying, grounding, casting the circle, and calling the elements.
A member will invoke the Green Dragon.
A member will lead an invocation of Brigid with readings of poetry from all present.
A member will lead us in a group trance induction in which we will meet Brigid and follow her to our sacred site.  We will build/explore the site in group trance, creating a presence on the astral plane that we will be able to return to in ritual.  We will imagine our tools being on the altar in that space, and a member will help us to rise slightly out of trance and raise energy in both sites by singing to charge our tools.  When we are done, we will follow Brigid out.
We will feast, and then we will open the circle.
To Bring:
A short piece of poetry with which to invoke Brigid.  This does not need to be about Brigid.  We honor her as the Goddess of Poetry with whatever poesy we feel called to bring.
Any tools or other items you want to consecrate.

Food to share.

Order of Service, 2012 Yule Ritual

Our Intention: We open and commit to the guidance of Brigid and the Green Dragon as we shift from the love of power to the power of love.

As we get ready to move into an unprecedented time, we are making a group commitment to learn from Brigid and the Green Dragon throughout the year, by calling them at every ritual.

If you’ve taken Elements, but have never been to one of our rituals before because you’re worried that you might not fully understand what’s going on — COME ANYWAY!  We are all priestesses and we all have a piece of wisdom to impart to the group.

Note that the ritual begins at 6:30a.m.  That’s right, a.m.  All hail the holy sacred java!

The Plan:
We will create sacred space (ground, cast the circle, call the elements and center).

We will build an altar to Brigid and a member will lead us in listening and speaking, in a dropped and open state, to the energies and messages of Brigid as we experience them.  (Some will bring recorders so we can make transcripts of the messages for our use later.)

We will build an altar to the Green Dragon and a member will lead us in the same exercise as with Brigid, as the sun rises.

We will sing and dance and make noise to raise energy.

We will feast. During the feast we will talk about what we heard.

We will open the circle.

To Bring:
1. Offerings to Brigid. She is the goddess of smithcraft, poetry, and healing, and associated with fire and water.

2. Offerings to the Green Dragon. He is of the green world and of the world of Faery; the two-headed dragon of compassion and justice, protector of life on Earth. He is associated with earth and air.

3. Something to make noise with.

4. Breakfast food to share for feasting.

To Prepare:
1. Participate in whatever purifying rituals you favor, such as a chakra cleansing.

2. Open to the energies of Brigid and the Green Dragon.

3. Contemplate the pending shift in human consciousness.

Order of Service, 2012 Samhain Ritual

Our Intention: We honor the ancestors and ask them for assistance and guidance.

The Plan:  We will create sacred space, calling in Brigid and The Green Dragon.

A member will lead us in an opening/meditation about what it is in the coming year that we need to do, individually and/or collectively — and to be able to speak the words of that intention as we proceed.

We will build a soup in a cauldron over the fire. We will each add our ingredients to the soup as we speak our intentions for the New Year.

We will build an altar to our ancestors. Remember that ancestors are those who have gone before whose life and work have shaped our lives. We will place the objects we have brought on the altar. Once the altar is built, we will go around in turn and talk about the ancestors we have invited. This is also an appropriate time to speak the names of those who have died this year that you want to remember.

A member will lead us in a call for the ancestors who are ready and willing to help us with our intentions, both individually and collectively. We will sing to call the ancestors and infuse our intention soup with energy.

A member will serve each person with soup from the cauldron, and will invite everyone to sit quietly and eat in silence until they feel moved to speak (some of you may recognize this as a Quaker meeting).

When we have finished eating, a member will thank the ancestors and ask them to help us do the work that we have set for ourselves, both individually and collectively. We will thank and release the deities, the elements, and the circle.

1) A vegetarian ingredient for the soup. Please have the ingredient prepared and ready to be put in the soup pot. If it is something that cannot fully cook in about twenty minutes (beans, rice, barley, etc), please pre cook or use canned.
2) A pretty bowl to eat soup from.
3) Chairs.
4) Things to put on the ancestor altar to honor the ancestor(s) you are bringing.
5) Spend some time thinking about your intention(s). Remember this is the Witches’ New Year – it’s a good time to set goals for the next year.
6) Dress warm or bring layers. We will be outside for a good part of the ritual.

Order of Service, 2012 Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Ritual

This is the time of the year when Persephone, who has been with her mother Demeter for the last six months as the crops sprouted, grew and ripened in the sun, now descends into the darkness and joins her spouse Hades, to reign as Queen of the Underworld.  We on the Earth’s surface harvest the summer’s bounty and experience the days shortening, the plants shutting down, and the animals making their winter preparations as we go into the dark time.

Our intention: With Persephone as our guide, we journey into the Underworld to discover the power of the dark time.

The plan:

Inside, we will create an altar to Hades.

We will go outside (weather permitting) to create our sacred space (purify, ground, cast, invoke Elements) and invoke Hades.

Returning inside, we will build an altar to Persephone and invoke her presence as aspected through a member.

We will then be led into a trance where Persphone will guide us into the depths of the Underworld.

We will emerge and … have a Greek feast!


Folding chair

Altar items for the two altars

Journal, pen or coloring tools to record your experience

Food to share, with a Grecian theme

Recommended:  Snack beforehand so you won’t faint from hunger in the middle of the Underworld.

Order of Service, 2012 Lughnasa Ritual

Our Intention: In honor of the harvest, we celebrate our skills and hone new ones.

The Plan: We will create sacred space.  As part of that, we will call Lugh and Inanna. Both have aspects associated with skills and both are associated with this holiday.

After creating sacred space each of us will have items that represent the skills we have and the skills we desire.  These items will be discussed and placed on the altar as we build the altar with these objects.  We will charge these items as we sing:

I will know myself in all of my parts, called by the Goddess (x 2)

Desire and beauty, love and grace surround me (x 2)

We will feast with food that we have brought from this harvest time.

To bring: An item that represents your skills, talents and gifts; an item that represents a new skill/talent/gift you want to develop; and food to share during the feast.