Order of Service, 2013 Imbolc Ritual

The Intention:

To call on Brigid to guide us to our sacred site (sight).  This will move us beyond our personal place of power to a collective one that is in line with our intention at Yule and that will strengthen and energize our magical workings. 

The Plan:

We will gather at 6 pm on Saturday, February 2nd. As we arrive, we will place any tools or other items we want to consecrate on the altar.

We will have a check-in.  After that we will do some brief discussion/teaching about group trance, for anyone that is new to that technique.

We will create sacred space — purifying, grounding, casting the circle, and calling the elements.
A member will invoke the Green Dragon.
A member will lead an invocation of Brigid with readings of poetry from all present.
A member will lead us in a group trance induction in which we will meet Brigid and follow her to our sacred site.  We will build/explore the site in group trance, creating a presence on the astral plane that we will be able to return to in ritual.  We will imagine our tools being on the altar in that space, and a member will help us to rise slightly out of trance and raise energy in both sites by singing to charge our tools.  When we are done, we will follow Brigid out.
We will feast, and then we will open the circle.
To Bring:
A short piece of poetry with which to invoke Brigid.  This does not need to be about Brigid.  We honor her as the Goddess of Poetry with whatever poesy we feel called to bring.
Any tools or other items you want to consecrate.

Food to share.


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