2013 Event Schedule

Dragon’s Cauldron celebrates the Goddess with rituals to honor the eight sabbats.  We follow the Wheel of the Year, commemorating the turning of the seasons.  In addition, we may also gather for public rituals, course offerings and service work.

We currently have the following events scheduled:

Saturday, February 2, 2013, 6pm
Imbolc/Candlemas Ritual

Sunday, March 17, 2013, 6pm
Ostara/Spring Equinox Ritual

Saturday, May 4, 2013, 4pm
Beltane Ritual — Children Welcome

Friday, June 21, 2013, 6pm
Litha/Summer Solstice Ritual  — Ice Cream Social

Sunday, August 4, 2013, 10am
Lughnassadh/Lammas Ritual — Brunch

Friday, September 20, 2013, 6pm
Mabon/Autumn Equinox Ritual — Children Welcome

Thursday, October 31 – Sunday, November 3, 2013
Samhain Weekend Retreat

Saturday, December 21, 2013, 6:30am
Yule Ritual — Greet the Dawn

Our ritual schedule is set at a yearly planning meeting, typically held in early January, to which all members of Dragon’s Cauldron are invited.  Rituals and most classes are held in private homes and all ritual logistics, including a planning session for each sabbat, are handled through the Dragon’s Cauldron list serve.  Participants are eligible to join the list serve after successful completion of Elements of Magic.

Courses are scheduled to meet demand, therefore if you have an interest but can’t attend a current offering, we still encourage you to contact us.  Please include your name, email address and the name of the course(s) in which you have an interest.


(1) First image courtesy of Pagan Spoonie.

(2) Second image courtesy of Werfriends Study Group.


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