Order of Service, 2012 Yule Ritual

Our Intention: We open and commit to the guidance of Brigid and the Green Dragon as we shift from the love of power to the power of love.

As we get ready to move into an unprecedented time, we are making a group commitment to learn from Brigid and the Green Dragon throughout the year, by calling them at every ritual.

If you’ve taken Elements, but have never been to one of our rituals before because you’re worried that you might not fully understand what’s going on — COME ANYWAY!  We are all priestesses and we all have a piece of wisdom to impart to the group.

Note that the ritual begins at 6:30a.m.  That’s right, a.m.  All hail the holy sacred java!

The Plan:
We will create sacred space (ground, cast the circle, call the elements and center).

We will build an altar to Brigid and a member will lead us in listening and speaking, in a dropped and open state, to the energies and messages of Brigid as we experience them.  (Some will bring recorders so we can make transcripts of the messages for our use later.)

We will build an altar to the Green Dragon and a member will lead us in the same exercise as with Brigid, as the sun rises.

We will sing and dance and make noise to raise energy.

We will feast. During the feast we will talk about what we heard.

We will open the circle.

To Bring:
1. Offerings to Brigid. She is the goddess of smithcraft, poetry, and healing, and associated with fire and water.

2. Offerings to the Green Dragon. He is of the green world and of the world of Faery; the two-headed dragon of compassion and justice, protector of life on Earth. He is associated with earth and air.

3. Something to make noise with.

4. Breakfast food to share for feasting.

To Prepare:
1. Participate in whatever purifying rituals you favor, such as a chakra cleansing.

2. Open to the energies of Brigid and the Green Dragon.

3. Contemplate the pending shift in human consciousness.


One thought on “Order of Service, 2012 Yule Ritual

  1. I will not be able to be with you in body but my spirit sings for all as we celebrate Yule with Brigid and the Green Dragon.� So mote it be!� cameo


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