Order of Service, 2012 Lughnasa Ritual

Our Intention: In honor of the harvest, we celebrate our skills and hone new ones.

The Plan: We will create sacred space.  As part of that, we will call Lugh and Inanna. Both have aspects associated with skills and both are associated with this holiday.

After creating sacred space each of us will have items that represent the skills we have and the skills we desire.  These items will be discussed and placed on the altar as we build the altar with these objects.  We will charge these items as we sing:

I will know myself in all of my parts, called by the Goddess (x 2)

Desire and beauty, love and grace surround me (x 2)

We will feast with food that we have brought from this harvest time.

To bring: An item that represents your skills, talents and gifts; an item that represents a new skill/talent/gift you want to develop; and food to share during the feast.



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