Spellworking Class, November 19th – RSVP Now!

1 WITCH.  Thrice the brinded cat hath mew’d.
2 WITCH. Thrice and once, the hedge-pig whin’d.
3 WITCH. Harpier cries:—’tis time! ’tis time!
1 WITCH. Round about the caldron go;
In the poison’d entrails throw.—
Toad, that under cold stone,
Days and nights has thirty-one;
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot!
ALL. Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
-from Shakespeare’s Macbeth

The Power of the Witch’s Spell
Are you looking for a new job? A partner? Wealth? Love? The art of spellcrafting has long been associated with the power of the witch. This day-long workshop will help all the participants tap into the power of building a spell. Opening to the energies of our spirit allies, they will guide us in crafting the intent and clarifying its purpose. We will review important ethical considerations when working with spells for ourselves and others. Depending on the energy of the group, we may or may not release the spell during this day. However, we will prepare for releasing the spell into all the realms, including the power of binding the spell.

Birch will be facilitating this workshop at his home from 9am-3:30pm on Saturday, November 19, 2011. There is no charge for this particular workshop. Please come well fed and bring a snack or two and your water bottle. We will break for about an hour for lunch. Birch will offer a big pot of soup, so things that compliment that brewing cauldron would be appreciated.

Birch is a queer Reclaiming Initiate who has been teaching/priesting in the tradition for over ten years. He has taught at Reclaiming witchcamps up and down the east coast, and other Reclaiming classes throughout the southeast and at his home in North Carolina. His current work focuses on the magic of the sacred grove. That place where the green world surrounds us with wealth, love, lore and tradition; a place where all magic and the connection to the many realms begins. The grove opens us as humans to the realms of the stones, plants, animals, fae, and the divine. These realms are one within the sacred grove and these realms acting as one are vital in supporting the life force that runs throughout.

Please RSVP by November 10, 2011.  The class size will be limited to 6 people and Birch will be providing some important information (ie., homework) prior to the day long retreat. The sooner you RSVP, the better, as Birch will be sending the first information out around Samhain.

Oh! Don’t worry, there will be no entrails thrown into the cauldron.


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